Welcome To Medallion Dusk

The inspiration behind Medallion Dusk is Pakistan's rich art and culture.  We'd a thing for handmade art that is dying each day. Our love for jewelry encouraged us to recreate designs with a fusion of traditional yet modern handmade pieces.

ali farjad

Our Story

Medallion Dusk is a brainchild of a young enthusiastic entrepreneur Ali Farjad , who originated this online jewelry venture with his ultimate passion as well as the right sense of creativity. Being an engineering student doesn’t hinder in your determination of choosing the right career of your interest, so did Ali when he decided to be entrepreneur with the idea of reviving the trend of traditional handmade jewelry with a vogue impression. Usually a massive amount of capital investment is a nightmare for most of young business initiators but he took the challenge initially by investing just his pocket money. This self-made brand entirely relied on this initiator from photography to social media marketing even every single thing. Ali invested all his energies in managing logistics, social media marketing, production management played his part in designing the best for their beloved clients. But what made him stand out was his unique collection; a complete fusion of traditional yet modern handmade jewelry being manufactured within different cities of Pakistan. “The inspiration behind is Pakistan’s rich art and culture. We’d a thing for handmade art that is dying each day our love for jewelry encouraged us to recreate designs with a fusion of traditional yet modern handmade pieces.” “In all the highs and lows of life, I learnt how to do business, working 9 to 5 was a boring thing for me, so I decided to work from the time I wake up till the time I sleep.” ~ Ali Farjad Chaudhry

Our Customer

We cater to discerning style seekers, curating timeless jewelry that stays in their collection for years. We prioritize quality with the finest materials and craftsmanship, ensuring our pieces endure. When a product reaches the end of its life, we gladly replace it. No compromises, no shortcuts.

Our Commitment

In addition to delivering enduring style and quality, Medallion Dusk is committed to the constant development of the ethical and sustainable management of its operations. These standards start with the choice and traceability of raw materials through to the production, all the way to our customer services.


  1. Reducing our carbon emissions to zero or less by 2040

  2. Reducing our waste to zero by 2025.

  3. Complying with all relevant sustainability legislation in the areas where we operate.

  4. Reducing the use of water and energy in all our activities.

  5. Promoting awareness of environmental management and leadership throughout our business.
  1. Developing our enduring-style philosophy, ensuring our product remains relevant and wearable for several seasons, reducing waste for obsolescence.

  2. Working on continuous improvement on sustainability initiatives such as packaging alternatives, in-store architecture, and other non-product-related aspects.

  3. Continuing the development of our environmental strategy to meet our targets.

  4. Working on the traceability of our raw materials and finished products.

  5. Working with education sector help empower little minds.