Medallion Dusk World

Muneeba Asif 
Muneeba Asif looks super gorgeous wearing our Koel Outfit and Black Stone ring.
Muneeba Asif
Muneeba Asif giving us a fabulous style statement in Butterfly Red Shirt, Gold embossed ring and Sleek Square earrings.

Beenish saleem - Neo News anchor
Neo news anchor Beenish Saleem is a vision in our Star Girl Choker Set

Beenish Saleem (Neo News Anchor)
Neo news anchor Beenish saleem beautifully donning our Noir Choker Set and giving us major style goals.
Muneeba Asif
Host of Jago Lahore,  wearing our hot-seller outfit Colorido Affair!

Muneeba Asif 
Host of Jago Lahore is a stunner in our Ayat ul Kursi ring, Emerald Long four stone earrings and Mogito Kurta 
Marium Shah - Blogger
Famous blogger Marium is elegantly flaunting her festive style in our Pearl Loop Earrings.
Zainab Qayyum - Tv Actress
Famous Tv Actress Zainab Qayyum wearing
Gold Leaf Earrings in geo tv drama Inteqam

Marium Shah - Blogger
Famous blogger Marium looks super pretty in our Bird Cage Earrings

Marium Shah - Blogger
Marium shows us the correct way of carrying out the Blue And White Shapero Earrings with moderate make up. 

Marium Shah - Blogger
How traditional yet elegant our Star Girl Choker Set looks on Marium

Marium Shah - Blogger
Marium is a slayer in our Pearl Loop Earrings and looks super sassy. 

Mehak Raheel Khan
 Mehak gorgeously portraying the true meaning of sheer elegance by wearingHeritage
Meena Choker set

Neelum Munir - Tv Actress
  Neelum Munir is a true stunner in our Emerald Long Four Stone Earrings 

Fareeha Asghar - Blogger
 Fareeha Asghar looks super chic yet gorgeous in our Spinwire Choker.